Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

genre: paranormal/urban fantasy

Mercy Thompson is car mechanic - a pretty dang good one.  She's also a friend to some werewolves.  And a vampire - her life is full of creatures that are more than human.  So when a new werewolf shows up at her garage, she feels like she can handle it except that he's not just any new werewolf and by helping him she unwittingly is neck-deep in a situation that is bigger than she could've imagined.  She's got to call on some old friends to help her figure out not just what's happening but who is behind it.

So, I'm glad I did NOT judge this book by its cover.  The first cover I saw looks like an absolute trashy romance novel and this book is actually not that at all. There is a thread of romance but mostly it's a paranormal mystery.  Mercy is tough and capable but also loyal and snarky.  The werewolves she works with are both dangerous and paradoxically kind and helpful.  I found myself engaged in the story and her world is one with some depth to it. The whole werewolf social hierarchies are interesting, and although I don't know if I care enough to read all the books, this one totally kept my attention.

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