Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

genre: ya historical fiction

New York City, 1899.  The world of the Astors and gowns by Worth.  The world of lavish parties and family connections, old wealth and new money.  The sisters Elizabeth and Diana Holland have grown up in this glittering world that of course, has its dark underbelly of gossip, backstabbing and fortunes lost (but don't tell anyone!).  While Elizabeth looks the part of the perfect society girl, her heart has been captured by someone less than desirable.  Diana, outspoken and impatient, just wants something to HAPPEN, she's so bored with the manners and nuances of her life.  So when marriage proposals are rumored and servant girls get nosy and star-crossed lovers have secret trysts, life suddenly gets more exciting than Diana had ever bargained for - and Elizabeth's choices will determine everything.

One of part of me just enjoyed this for the soap-opera of it all, for the time period (which I'm already a fan of) and for the drama.  The other part of me knew almost the entire plot after the first chapter, and that was frustrating to me.  WHY the foreshadowing?  WHY?  It made me mad at our dear author because it wasn't necessary.  The writing was fine and while nearly every character is a complete caricature, I'll still say that I liked reading it.  Because sometimes, you need some fluffy, glittery, soap-opera in your life, right?

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