Friday, July 31, 2015

The Chocolate Kiss by Laura Florand

genre: romance/chick lit

Magalie Chaudron is rather content with her life.  She has her own little Parisian apartment above the chocolate shop where she works with her aunts. La Maison des Sorcieres serves baked delicacies as well as a cup of hot chocolate that can be life changing, depending on how Magalie chooses to make it for you.  Magalie has convinced herself that it's enough for her, the shop and its' chocolate. So when the shop is threatened by the opening of a brand new patisserie by the celebrated pastry chef Phillipe Lyonais, Magalie is ready to defend her territory with whatever weapons she can think of.

You can guess how it ends, because this book is definitely a romance novel (yes, there are very racey scenes to skip over if it's not your thing).  Romance novels typically bore me within the first two chapters but this one is just cute. I have a soft spot for romantic stories that involve food and baking, especially chocolate (why is that?) so I was probably more patient with the steaminess than I would ordinarily be.  Magalie has an interesting backstory and I felt like even though she drove me crazy with the "yes no yes no" of most romantic heroines, she did have some legitimate issues to get over and that kept me interested. Phillipe is, of course, a dreamboat in all the ways and who doesn't fall in love with the guy that can make you amazing desserts?  Seriously?  Even though the writing felt a little hackneyed sometimes, this was a fast and fluffy read that did have me googling macaron recipes and longing to see Paris by the end.

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