Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

genre: Christian romantic fiction

Pastor Zeke has no idea how much that little bundle on the riverside is going to change his life.  That little bundle is Abra, abandoned at birth - a fact which will have consequences for not just Abra and Pastor Zeke, but for their entire town as Abra grows into a teen unable to love herself.  Set in post-WWII California, Abra's journey will take her to into the glittering world of Hollywood, with all the shine and sparkle you could imagine but even all of that somehow doesn't really give Abra the peace and belonging she yearns for.  

Yes, this is a Christian romance.  Not my usual read, however, a friend recommended it as a page turner and I won't deny it caught my attention and kept it until the end.  Yes, it is predictable, to a certain extent.  You know who the final love interest will be very early and I saw another plot twist coming half way through the book.  I found the "love" scenes a little too cheesy for my taste, but I guess cheesy is better than graphic :)  The time period is intriguing, especially with the Hollywood scene from that era.   The story itself is surprisingly edgy - edgy enough that it made me believe Abra's self-loathing and really made me feel for her.  Parts did have me crying drippy tears!  I'm such a sap!  But to be honest, I AM a Christian and I LIKED how this book lets Abra have her arc of conversion - I appreciated how she screwed up royally and then found a way to make it right - by realizing that her Savior would love her no matter what she did.  That's a lesson I'm still trying to learn but I believe that it's true.

For those who like Christian fiction, this Prodigal Daughter story is worth picking up.

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