Monday, September 1, 2014

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

genre: young adult fantasy

In a world where dragons can take human form and only a precarious peace keeps hostility between humans and dragons at bay, Seraphina feels very alone.  As a talented musician with a desperate secret, she arrives at court just as a murder threatens undermine whatever strength the treaty had left. With very few allies but an incredible knack for ending up at the wrong place at the right time, Seraphina begins to unravel the threads of deceit in the palace - as well as her own history.

What a unique dragon world!  I was entranced by the plot, the romance, Seraphina's very unique self as well as the very intriguing differences between dragons and humans.  I really liked the way that the author delved into what makes a human HUMAN, and how that humanity and our dependance upon our emotions can both help us and hinder us.  The pacing was quick and although I did guess one major "ah-ha!" it didn't spoil the rest of the action.  I LOVED how much music is a part of Seraphina's life - the verbal descriptions of how she felt when she played and how she imagined the sounds she was making were almost breathtaking.  So gorgeous.  Lovely writing style.

 I liked it until the last third and then I was dying to see how it ended and, hurrah, there is to be another one!  Not a trilogy (yay!), just one more book to find out about how Seraphina's people are going to work things out. I must read it.

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