Thursday, February 20, 2014

GUEST REVIEW: Death's Academy by Michael Bast

genre: middle grade

NOTE: my avid-reader 11 year old son Xavier was handed this book in a pinch as he was running out the door and needed something to read.  He started it late that night, I caught him reading it with a book light early the next morning and by breakfast he was done.  How's that for grabbing a boy's attention??  I got him to take a minute and write a review for me after he asked me if this author had written any more books :)

This story is about a dude named Midnight who is a "hoodie" - also known as a grim reaper.  He isn't a grim reaper yet, though, he still has to pass his exam. He meets a woman who tells him how their arch enemies are the unicorns. The unicorns are not fluffy and nice like you'd think - Midnight has to fight them and take back the scythe that gives his whole home it's power, so his parents can return from where they've been stranded. There are also these people called "halos" who are basically angels and they have to go through an academy too.

I thought this book was interesting because it's sort of a twist on your point of view.  In this book, the good people are like the bad people - and the bad people see themselves as the good people.  It was easy to read because it didn't get confusing.  I thought it was pretty funny and I'd want to read more in this series.

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bermudaonion said...

Sounds like a book that would make you think.

Julia said...

Thanks for the review, Xavey! Though that whole "calling good evil and evil good" sounds very familiar... (BoM reference)

Jann said...

Xavier, I am so glad you liked it. My nephew will be so happy to read your review. I sent him the link.

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