Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spellbinding by Maya Gold

genre: young adult

Abby's world was getting more bizarre by the day.  Terribly real nightmares, strange coincidences - and when she figures out her own family's link to Salem, Massachusetts, she really begins to wonder if magic might be real after all.  Set in Salem and the surrounding New England towns, Spellbinding is the story of a girl who is more than she knows, who has to figure out how to not only harness what she can do, but also decide upon the code of ethics for her suddenly very real abilities.

There are so many paranormal storylines these days, this has a little bit of a different spin, what with the Salem Witch trials and the magical setup which I will not spoil for you.  Abby makes the transformation the invisible, lonely girl to a powerful and mildly confident...well...witch.  Maybe a cliche storyline, but there you go.  Sometimes as I read it felt a little bit hokey but now that I've mulled over it, I think the plot did have a few interesting ideas and the ending isn't what I'd expected.  It actually wrapped up!  Without needing a sequel!  The love triangle was not particularly satisfying but this was a fast read that I'd imagine would be a fun one for teens who enjoy the genre. 

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