Friday, January 25, 2013

Through the Ever Night by Veronia Rossi

genre: young adult science fiction

This book is the sequel to Under the Never Sky, which I totally recommend. Read that first otherwise there will be spoilers galore.

Aria and Perry have found each other again, but when Aria tries to fit in amongst Perry's people, it doesn't go well.  Not only that, but Aria has an almost impossible mission to complete and Perry's new position as Blood Lord is taking every ounce of patience and diplomacy he can muster.  In a world where the sky is your enemy, they both need to look deep to decide if what they have can withstand the pressure and heartache of the life they have to live.

I am always so pleased when a second installment can not just entertain me and keep my attention, but can include enough new elements that the story actually GOES somewhere.  I'd say this ALMOST made the cut.  There are some new pieces and we see a few new places, but I would hazard a guess that with some careful editing, this could've just been two books instead of three and still been nearly as good. What I really like in these books is 1. the romance is quite fun and 2. the natural disaster element is really unique.

I'm certainly invested enough to see how it ends.

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Kristy and Justin said...

Thanks for your review, Corinne. I read Under the Never Sky a while ago, but was hesitant about the sequel. Sometimes sequels ruin it for me! But, after reading your review, I think I'll give it a shot.

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