Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beta by Rachel Cohn

genre: young adult science fiction

Elysia is a clone.  A special kind of clone that is teenaged, one of the first of her kind.  A Beta. She has been created in a laboratory and so is a blank slate, eager to begin understanding the way the world around her works.  What she quickly learns is that she lives on a private island, a paradise designed to give its inhabitants a perfectly comfortable and worry-free existance.  And her job is to help these inhabitants to be as happy as possible.  She herself should have no wants of her own, no true sense of self, like any good clone.  Soon, though, events and questions begin to make Elysia wonder if life is truly as perfect on this island as it seems, especially for those whose job it is to serve.

Meh.  I checked this out because of the cover but it really didn't do much for me.  I read it in, literally, ten minute snatches over a couple weeks as I nursed my babies and I wasn't so bored I wanted to give up but I wasn't dying to pick it up otherwise to find out what happens either.   Elysia is sort of annoying in her cluelessness and the plot was fairly predictable - except for one very bizarre and violent scene that I didn't see coming and that felt really off.  A complete cliffhanger ending that was vaguely surprising but still doesn't make me want to read the next one.

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