Monday, September 17, 2012

Frost by Wendy Delsol

genre: young adult fantasy/fairy tale

In this sequel to Stork, Katla and Jack are now a couple - but only they know the truth depth of their connection.  While both of them are learning the depth of their emerging powers, a beautiful stranger threatens to turn their relationship upside down.  Katla's going to have to decide how much she believes in the fantastic world of her gift if she wants to save Jack from the spell he's under.

I really liked Stork.  And I liked this too - Katla is still snarky and a reliably teenagery narrator.  She has as hard a time believing the stuff that happens as we do.  But for some reason, this one wasn't as compelling as the first.  Maybe because I just knew where it was going from the first twenty pages?  I love the Icelandic folklore and the twist on the average fairy tale theme - but it was almost TOO much thrown at me too fast.  I didn't have enough time to suspend my disbelief.  I just wasn't as thrilled with the journey on this one.  Probably won't finish the trilogy.

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