Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trickster's Queen by Tamora Pierce

genre: young adult fantasy

Trickster's Queen is the sequel to Trickster's Choice, which I highly recommend.  Spoilers are certainly ahead if you think you might want to read them both :)

Aly is once again right where she likes to be - in the thick of the action.  She has traveled to the city with Sarai and Dove as it becomes ever more clear that the political situation is going to be ripe, soon, for rebellion.  With tensions between the white skinned Lunarians and the brown skinned Raka increasing, Aly creates a spy network designed to help Sarai win the throne and bring justice (and, hopefully, harmony) to the islands once again.

As far as sequels and conclusions go, I really liked it.  Aly is just a fantastically strong and intelligent heroine.  She makes mistakes but regrets them, she's full of good ideas and she's quick on her feet. A lot of interesting things do happen but it moved a bit slower for me than the first.  The plot was just thick with political maneuvering and so many pieces had to be put into place - it reminds me of a chess game.  I felt like I kept reading about the same sorts of things, just sort of circling in on that final confrontation.  Not that it was tedious, it wasn't.  I was happy to read it, I love how it ended, the romance was lovely, it just wasn't as thrilling of a ride as the first.  I still recommend it for fantasy lovers, for sure.

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