Friday, May 18, 2012

Touch of Power by Maria V. Synder

genre: young adult fantasy

Sometimes you start reading a book in the evening, as you wait for your daughter's choir concert to begin.   All it took was about a chapter for you to be hooked.  You DO put it down during the performance (your choir teacher would be happy to know) but for the rest of that night, you do nothing else.  You wake up and read again until you finish.  At 8.30 am.  Good thing there was no school.

That was my experience with Touch of Power.  It is the story of Avry, who is a healer.  And healers aren't safe - not since the plague that decimated her land.  For this reason, she is more than a little skeptical when a band of marauders captures her for a very specific reason and it isn't to turn her in for the bounty.  They want her to do a task that her very heart recoils against and to heal is her own choice.  When the aloof and commanding leader of the group begins to slowly teach her what he knows, their experiences make the choice even that much harder. 

So.  I already said that I could not put it down.  I liked Synder's characters and believed in what they were trying to do.  I loved her fantasy world with its various magics and the political plot.  I knew I would love her romance and I was right, it was fantastic.  I liked that she never made me wait too long for more details but didn't shove too much at me either.  I'm sure there are reasons why it wasn't perfect but in my reading through this time, I just can't come up with any.  And I'm done trying to think of them.  Will definitely read the next in the series.

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Melissa said...

I really like Maria Snyder's stuff, but I didn't know she had an honest-to-goodness YA series. I'll have to check this one out! (And if you haven't read Poison Study, you ought to...)

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