Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Prized by Caragh M O'Brien

 genre: young adult

Prized is the sequel to Birthmarked, which I highly recommend, so please, read that before reading this review.

At the end of Birthmarked, if you'll remember, Gaia has left for the wasteland, hoping to find that mysterious land her grandmother had told her to find.  It doesn't take long until someone from that place finds her and soon enough, she and her very sick infant sister Maya are in a town unlike anything Gaia could have imagined.  First, there are the rules.  So very many rules, all concerned with the interactions between men and women - and that's because this town is on the brink of a disaster and no one knows why or how to stop it.

But, knowing Gaia, she needs to find out.  She doesn't like playing by their rules, she's lonely for Leon (who may or may not be dead) and while she's grateful that she has somewhere safe to live, there is just something not RIGHT.  She's somehow needing to give up too much of herself - can she make a new life here, content with who she has had to become?

Like Birthmarked, I couldn't put this one down.  I'm such a sucker for pregnancy and birth in a storyline, this book still allows Gaia's life to be filled with what she has a passion for - although not without some serious personal sacrifice.  Is it a smooth ride?  Not really.  It fumbles now and then, but the love stories are just right (I kept telling myself: she's only 16!  I was so romantically confused at 16!) and especially for the middle of a trilogy, the plot moved things along really well and you can see that there are interesting places to go.  I can't deny there there is, again, a bit more predictability than I usually like, but AGAIN, it's written well enough that I just wanted to keep going.

Yep.  I'll read the last one, for sure.

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