Sunday, April 29, 2012

As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott

genre: young adult

When she wakes up, all she knows is that she no longer knows anything.  Not her name, not where she is, not the faces that loom in front of her.

She doesn't belong here but she doesn't remember where she DOES belong.  Soon, when snatches begin to come back, they arrive with such excruciating pain that piecing them together is almost impossible.  Slowly, of course, the people who call her Ava start expecting her to just live in this new life while she knows she is somehow in the wrong skin, in the wrong SPACE.  One special person might be able to help her put it all together but is he even real?  Ava can't count on anything anymore.

So, there really isn't much more than that.  I grabbed this at the library because the cover is so awesome but WOW was this one frustrating to slog through!  So repetitive, so much of the "I don't belong here, this isn't real, this person should mean something to me but they don't."  It took SO LONG to finally figure out what the story was and the ending was so abrupt.  I think there was a really interesting story in there it just took way too long to get to it, or maybe it could've gone deeper somehow without making us spend so much of the book being confused with her.  Overall, interesting premise but not an execution that worked for me.

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