Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

genre: young adult paranormal

Wolves live in the woods behind Grace's house.  Instead of being terrified, Grace is intrigued - bordering on obsessed with them.  Well, obsessed with ONE of them.  One wolf, in particular, MEANS something to Grace.  She knows that somehow he is more that what he seems and one terrifying night, she finds out that she is right.   That wolf is a boy named Sam.  And thus begins a romance between a girl and a boy who changes into a wolf when it's cold.  With winter on it's way and strange happenings with other wolves in her town, Grace knows that in a moment, everything she's found could disappear.  It's up to her to help keep Sam human and figure out how to help her friends.

Not being really into werewolves, I've held off reading this for quite a while.  Finally, I felt interested enough to try and I am glad I did.  It IS an interesting story and Stiefvater does a good job of creating a lore and a culture among these wolf-people.  The romance reminded me of Twilight (the first, original one, that I liked) but I like Grace much better than Bella.  She's capable and intelligent, although I do admit that falling in love with a wolf is a BIT strange :)  I did have to stretch my imagination a bit a few times, little things that seemed a bit inconsistent, but in general it was a fun read.  I'm not sure I care enough to pick up the others but I'm still glad I finally picked it up.

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bermudaonion said...

I've met the author and heard her read so I do want to try this series, but the werewolf thing has kind of put me off too.

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