Saturday, December 10, 2011

Legend by Marie Lu

genre: young adult dystopian

Imagine Les Miserables set in a future L.A., and switch it up so that Javert is a wicked smart rich-girl named June and Valjean is handsome street rat/criminal named Day.  Unless you're one of the elite, you wouldn't want to live in this Los Angeles, where strange plagues strike with ferocity and the regime of the Republic expects only full subservience.  When violence hits close to home for June, she is suddenly and firmly obsessed with finding Day and bringing him to justice.

What do you think, will they fall in love??  Just kidding!  Of course they do!  I did like how this story played out - there were a lot of plot points that felt a bit obvious for those who read a lot of dystopia but it flowed well and was intriguing enough to keep me interested.   June is a great female character - strong and capable but with a kind heart, I liked watching her grow.  One unfortunate thing is that, for me, some of the male characters felt a little too...female.  In the sense that they were more emotional and sentimental than the majority of the males in my experience and it made it a little harder for me to suspend my disbelief about the story.  Not that I don't like a guy with a soft side, but June's brother, especially, didn't seem to fit into the character I would've imagined.  So, that problem just might be my own.

Despite the things that bothered me, it still gets four stars for keeping me totally interested and even making me put my hand over my mouth in shock once.  Good times.

If you liked The Hunger Games etc., this is certainly one to try.

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bermudaonion said...

I'm not sure this is for me, but I bet my husband would like it.

Melissa said...

Just finished it... what was the shocking moment?

I agree: I liked it, though there are many many questions left unanswered...

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