Thursday, December 22, 2011

Enclave by Ann Aguirre

Ever since a tragedy of unknown proportions made life "Topside" impossible, Duece's people have lived underground.  It's a hard and dangerous life but, for Duece, her dream of being a huntress and protecting the enclave has made it a purposeful one.

When she is finally branded a huntress and receives her partner, a little of the shine is worn off.  She's paired with Fade, the one hunter who doesn't seem to appreciate what an honor it is to spend his danys in the tunnels, hunting for food and fighting off the vicious "freaks" who'd love to feast on the residents of the enclave.  Just as she is getting to know Fade, they are sent on a task that makes Deuce really start to wonder about everything she's ever been told.  Could Fade know more than she does?

Somehow I failed to write down my gut reaction of this book right after I read it ( I was in the car and only wrote down my plot summary?  Maybe I was distracted by naughtiness in the backseat :).  It certainly kept me engaged and I liked the plot enough, but it sometimes did feel like things were almost TOO hard and then things came TOO easily and it is REALLY violent.  I mean, being a huntress means being willing to full out slaughter whatever comes your way and so it gets gory.  Probably if you liked the Hunger Games, you'll find this one a fast-paced read.

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