Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

genre: young adult fantasy

Lucy's life was as normal as she could've hoped for: caring foster parents, a supportive best friend, her life ahead of her.  Of course, her real mother is homeless and seems to be - well - crazy, always singing Lucy this crazy version of the song Scarborough Fair while wandering the streets of town.  Even THAT can be handled easily compared to the fact that on prom night Lucy's life is changed forever.  Not only is she raped and becomes pregnant (wouldn't that be enough?) but slowly she figures out that even the rape isn't a random happenstance - it's the result of a curse that won't be broken until certain tasks are completed before the birth of her baby.


It took me a little while to be okay with the plot - I had to shift my brain into "family curse" and "fairy" mode from the whole rape and pregnancy thing (which was quite tastefully done, by the way).  But once I did, I have to admit that I was interested in how this story was going to shake down.  My sister said it before she told me to read the book - one of the great things about this story is that the love comes to fruition in the MIDDLE of the story, you don't have to wait until the end like in most young adult novels.  Love plays such a big part in Impossible - love for your parents and true love and love unrequited - all of it plays deeply into the plot.

I listened to this one, and so I think most of my little annoyances were because I wasn't actually reading it, so I don't feel like I have too many complaints.  Sometimes the dialogue was a little cheesy or scripted - and really, sometimes it felt SILLY listening to these modern-day characters try and sort out how to accomplish the tasks in this age-old curse but like I said - I was nearly always along for the ride.  I did want to know how it sorted itself out.  Although of course you know what the end WILL be, I just was interested in how we got there and that didn't disappoint.

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