Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dark Water by Laura McNeal

genre: young adult

In Southern California, there are groves and fields of fruit trees. The line between those who own the groves and those who work on them is distinct and unwavering. There can be respect and there can even be kindness, but romantic love? It doesn't even need to be said that such a thing doesn't really happen.

Except, for Pearl, it does. Not that Pearl OWNS the avocado ranch, of course. That's her Uncle Hoyt. But she still knows better than to tell anyone about Amiel, the apparently mute migrant worker that she is mysteriously drawn to.

I'm having a hard time sorting my thoughts about this book into something coherent. It was just so lovely. The language, the story - even the foreshadowing, which I normally hate, served its purpose beautifully. I loved Amiel as a real person with talents and fears - you ache for him and for Pearl's own troubles. So many parts of young adulthood are part of Pearl's tale - relationships with parents and family, falling in love, friendships changing, decisions and very real consequences. All of this happens under the backdrop of a very sunny SoCal, green and verdant giver of life as well as the dry tinder box that can snuff out that same life with a breath of flame.

I read this in a day, couldn't put it down. If you love young adult literature, read it.

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Have you viewed San Antonio Wrong Full Death said...

Much starred, loved, praised, this is a well-written and intelligent book I would recommend to lovers of literary fiction. I’m glad I read Dark Water, but ultimately I just couldn’t fall in love with it.

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