Saturday, July 3, 2010

Review: Zenith by Julie Bertagna

genre: young adult

In this sequel to Exodus, Mara is on a search for land - any land - where their ship of refugees can finally let its passengers free. Along with Mara's story in the cold waters of the north, we still watch the Fox in his struggle to right his city's injustices. We also meet a new group of survivors on a floating boat city that eventually wind their way into the rest of Mara's story.

In a world where, for most, life is still a daily struggle for survival, Zenith is another interesting look at our own past and at a future that could be. I really enjoy survival stories and as a sequel, this one does not disappoint. While it was vaguely predictable in parts, it also has me guessing enough that I wasn't annoyed. I like the life in the characters and the way our story is a fable, a fireside mystery - it makes the brain imagine "what if."

book 19 for the 2010 YA challenge

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