Friday, June 18, 2010

Review: Charlie's House by Clyde Robert Bulla

genre: children's literature

I picked up this book because we really loved Sword in the Tree by Bulla. This one is also historical fiction, but this time set in pre-Civil War America and England. Charlie's hard life in England is the impetus for him to travel to America as an unknowing indentured servant. He comes up against villains, of course, who treat him poorly and he has to work his way out of the situation. My son that I read it to was always interested, but the plot seemed a little mature to me but not as exciting. I liked Sword in the Tree better, but like I said, it kept the interest of an eager 7 year old, so what do I know.

It's apparently not one of his more popular books since I can't even find an image for it on the internet!

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