Wednesday, March 10, 2010

review: The Gray- Eyed Goddess: Book Four of the Tales From the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne

genre: children's literature

Ah, the Gray-Eyed Goddess, Athena. Bless her heart, taking Odysseus in her hands and finally giving him a leg up. While this story is still about Odysseus, we are often in the shoes of his son at home, Telemachus. Telemachus has had it with the suitors harassing his mother, Penelope, and he gets some help of his own from Athena as he decides what to do about his missing father.

Again, Osborne does a great job. I'm amazed my son is still interested and, frankly, I'm still loving that I regularly find references from The Odyssey in the Percy Jackson books. Reading this series is giving me a great mythological education!

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