Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Review: Midnighters by Scott Westerfeld

genre: young adult

What if, for one hour a day, the entire world was frozen in motion - except for you? Oh, and a whole slew of terrifying creatures?? This is what Jessica Day finds out soon after moving to Bixby, Oklahoma. What she thought were terrifyingly real "dreams" make her suddenly very eager to become friends with the other kids at her new school that seem a little...off.

It's a slap-bang premise, I have to admit. To have this space in time where all bets are off, where an ancient and frea-kay set of rules suddenly apply and you get to be a part of it - that's just one great piece of imagination. I think Westerfeld nearly completely pulls it off. His characters are intense - although Jessica seems a bit "blah" compared to everyone else, but I can see how he's just getting her set-up to become who she truly is in the next two books.

My only complaint? He gets cheesy at the climax, darn him! It really was a great ride to the climax and while I believed it and I can see the potential, the dialogue cheesed out on me. I'm going to forgive it, though, because it really did keep my attention until I finished. I think I need to find out how this all turns out.


Veens said...

I have Uglies eBook with me! Everyone keeps on recommending him... Someday I will get to it :)

This one sounds scary :D

He gets cheesy at the climax, darn him! -- u cracked me up with tat one :P

bermudaonion said...

My husband is a big Westerfeld fan, but he hasn't read this book yet. I'm going to show him your review.

Deb said...

did you like uglies? because that's the only scott westerfield i've read and i didn't. i disliked his main character immensely, even though i thought the world he created was interesting. i skipped to the end to see what happened. is this better than that one?

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