Thursday, October 22, 2009

Review: In A Perfect World (TLC Blog Tour)

genre: adult fiction

At 32, stewardess Jiselle was beginning to think that she'd never be a wife - until the amazingly attractive airline captain Mark Dorn proposes. But it's not just Mark she'll be getting, she'll also be receiving in marriage his three older children. Her dreams of motherhood and marriage are made more complicated by the bizarre flu that's been circulating and really, she had no way of knowing how much life was going to change.

In a Perfect World is tightly written with maybe a bit more back-and-forth-in-time than I'm used to. I hurt for Jiselle and the situation she chose, I know that stepmotherhood is no picnic and she has to work her way through some tough relationships. I liked the relationship parts of this book a lot, it was fascinating to see how these people worked together (or not) when the situation in America and beyond becomes something that everyone has to deal with. Since I appreciate books that have an apocalyptic flavor, the flu and the chaos it brings were incredibly interesting to me. Sometimes the dialogue was a bit harsh, and if you are concerned about content, you can check out my review here.

In all, I liked that this book had two different but interconnected angles - Jiselle and her experience trying to put together a new family vs. a world where one flu can affect even the smallest details of our lives. And while it's not necessarily a happy story, it did feel like a real story - an authentic "worst case scenario," that grips you until the end.

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Interested in meeting the author in real life? Check her out here:
10/8 Ann Arbor, MI Nicola's Books
10/14 Birmingham, MI Borders
10/15 Novi, MI Borders
10/21 Milwaukee, WI Next Chapter Bookshop
10/22 Minneapolis, MN Magers & Quinn
10/27 St. Joseph, MI Forever Books
10/29 Chicago, IL Book Cellar
11/3 Ann Arbor, MI Borders


bermudaonion said...

Motherhood isn't easy even when they're your own kids. The book sounds interesting because of the relationships involved.

trish said...

I'm glad you ultimately liked the book, Corinne!

Like bermudaonion said, the relationships in this book sound fascinating.

Thanks for being on this tour!

Veens said...

I don't know, but the images are not showing up on the post!

Bermudaonion is right! Motherhood is not easy...even with our own kids!
And the relationship aspect sounds good.

Really interesting book!

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