Thursday, July 30, 2009

Review: Off the Beaten Path by Readers Digest

genre: travel guide

If you are a road tripper like me, YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK. I have two kinds of travel books I like: small city guides that fit in my pocket that I take around with me and books that give me ideas of trips to plan. These second books tend to be bigger and get left at home, but they are indispensable for travel nuts like me. Off the Beaten Path is the second kind of book. It's a hard bound, coffee-table-book-quality with brilliant pictures. It's categorized by state with a MAP at the beginning showing where each site is located! It's like heaven for nerds like me!!

The sites listed for each state aren't the usual run of the mill stuff, either. There are all different kinds of ideas - not just historical or outdoorsy or wacky. It's all those things are more with websites and phone numbers listed for each entry.

Really, I am a fan. And I've had more than one friend sit on my couch, find this book and agree with me - it's a fantastic resource.

Buy it here or at your local bookstore :)


Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

Great rec...thanks!

Trish said...

Man--wish I had known about this book a week ago. Scott and I are headed to South Dakota tonight (from Dallas) and we'll be driving around there for a few days seeing the sites and then to Yellowstone. I picked up a few guidebooks for those and then another for scenic routes around the US and another for US National Parks, but this one sounds fantastic! The only downside is the size. I need something I can carry in my pack.

Beth F said...

This sounds super!! We love being off the beaten path -- and having a lovely book to help us dream is great.

Veens said...

I am very sure, this one is FOR us!

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