Monday, July 14, 2008

Anno's Flea Market by Mitsumasa Anno

book 5 of 8 for the Hans Christian Andersen Challenge

Mitsumasa won the HCA award as an illustrator, and although some of his books have text, this one does not. The story begins as the man and woman on the cover arrive at the flea market and the entire book is scenes from the market. It feels almost like a look and find book, which I think, is Anno's intent. To search and find that treasured piece is what we flea market lovers live for.

While I really liked the illustrations - simple lines but very extensive drawings, it was a bit...boring. My kids never wanted to look at it, so I think it is a worthwhile book, but maybe just not appealing to younger children.

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Michelle said...

Anno's books are great. I like the ABC one too.

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