Monday, July 14, 2008

adding a rating...

I mentioned previously that I wanted to start including my ratings on my reviews. I thought I'd give you all a little reference, so you can know what I'm thinking when I give a book a rating.

5/5 : this book couldn't have been any better for me. Not only that, it usually needs to make me think about life - themes and idea are relevant enough that this book is on my mind after I've read it. Absolutely fantastic young adult or fantasy books can get this without giving me deep thoughts :) I don't give these lightly because I want it to mean something.

4/5: I really liked it. Actually, it was awesome - it may even be perfect WITHOUT that extra piece that makes it a deep and thoughtful, meaningful experience. Perfect humorous or "fluff" books will probably be 4/5

3/5: It's fine. I enjoyed reading it. Maybe it got slow or I thought the writing wasn't particularly good.

2/5: Pretty lame. Cannot recommend it - usually its because the writing is horrible or the langague or content is offensive.

1/5: Horrible.

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Trish said...

"Horrible"--I guess you don't need to say much more than that, huh! :) I've been meaning to get down and define my ratings but it is so hard for me to do!! Sometimes if I have high expectations for an author or book I'll rate it a little tougher than others. I think I've only given 1 5/5 this year (The Book Thief).

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