Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The Host is a science fiction novel, in the most basic, body-snatching-aliens way. Our narrator is an alien, "Wanda" who is on earth after having lived lives on many other planets - and earth throws her for quite a loop. Our emotions and relationships are made more challenging by the fact that the person whose body she is living in isn't giving up very easily and often argues with Wanda from inside her head.

Those relationships are really at the heart of this book. As Wanda becomes a part of a human community, the book revolves around her "host" Melanie, Melanie's boyfriend and another survivor. The love square (or whatever you'd call it) was a stretch for me - while I liked the characters, and wanted to know what was going to happen to them, they felt a bit static and predictable (especially if you've read any of Meyer's other books).

It is true that I couldn't put it down. While I knew how it would end about one third of the way through, I was interested in how she was going to pull it off. I enjoyed the science fiction aspect of the book - the alien race she created, their characteristics and history as well as the parts of the book that dealt with what our world was like after their invasion.

When she philosophized or waxed contemplative on the foibles of human nature, it felt forced to me. But the story of how aliens and the humans they need as hosts could somehow make peace, that I liked.


Michelle said...

Thanks for that review. I am currently reading Eclipse and am totally sucked into that series. I have heard mixed reviews about the Host, so I was glad to hear your review. I'm planning on reading it while in MD and PA.

bethany said...

I have never been interested in vampire stories...they seem too spooky, but all you guys talking about the host and the twilight series have gotten me really interested!!! I have one on hold at the lib, this could be addictive :)

Anna said...

I really enjoyed the host. Seeing dubbed as science fiction sort of put me off, but it wasn't what I expected.

Anna (Diary of an Eccentric)

Megs said...

I've just popped over here to see what you have written lately. It is funny about The Host being about aliens needing humans to host them. I have it on good authority that the author loved Roswell...and that was a strong theme on that show. Funny.

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