Sunday, April 27, 2008

In the Shadow of No Towers by Art Spiegelman

book 4 of 6 for the graphic novel challenge

The author of this graphic novel (really a collection of full page spreads - a dimentionally HUGE book) was in NYC on Sept 11th. Spiegelman was in the thick of the horror and his strips go from telling the first-hand story of his experiences that day to a more political commentary on the decisions America's leaders made following the attacks. It's hard to place any judgment on someone who lived through something so devastating - but his comics get a bit disturbing as he works through his discontent. He often draws in the style of comics from the turn of the century, and the end of the book is a lesson in the comic strip's political history, which was rather interesting.

I liked this book because it dug deep into the psyche of someone who sees the tragedy in a different way than I do, just by virtue of the fact that I watched it on my tv while he lived it. Of course his opinions are stronger than mine and it made me take a hard look at how seriously I've thought about what's happened since.

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