Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley

Very clever idea. All of the fairy tale characters we've ever read about are real and are living their lives in sleepy town in the Northeast. When Daphne and Sabrina's parents go missing, they end up in this town with the grandma they didn't know existed. Sabrina and Daphne come to find that their family is responsible for helping to keep the peace among all those creatures as well as to solve the mysteries that come up among them, with the help of some interesting and familiar friends along the way.

I read this one out loud to my kids, and while it seemed a bit long and occasionally wordy to me, my children hung on every word. They loved when a new "Everafter" would show up and they'd yell out the character's fairytale persona. The plot was fairly intricate (I had to explain a few things to my children, especially the idea of "revolutionaries") which I appreciated and it was so fun for me when (**spoiler coming up**) my 5 1/2 year old son looked at me with huge eyes and said "MOM, I think that JACK is on the GIANT'S SIDE!!"

The only thing that ended up being a problem was the fact that the parent's disappearance is not resolved in this book (it's the first of a series). My eight year old daughter started CRYING - serious tears - when she realized the story was over and we still didn't know where the parents were. We had to go straight to the library website and reserve another book about these adventurous sisters.

A book that kept the interest of a thirty year old, an eight year old and a 5 1/2 year old. Not too bad :)

A BONUS FOR YOU: My 8 year old daughter's review, straight from her mouth :)

It's about one day when Sabrina and Daphne come home to their house and their mom and dad weren't home from work yet. Then a couple weeks passed and the police found a run down car that had a scarlet hand on the dashboard.

The rest of the story is about them trying to figure out how to get their parents safe and they meet a lady that helps them: a person that claims to be their grandma (and she really is).

I really liked it because the author said a lot of describing words, for instance: saying it was a "scarlet" hand print on the dashboard. I really liked it because the "policeman" kept turning into a pig (when he was scared).

I didn't like it because it didn't tell me a lot about the parents - it just talked about Jack and the beanstalk stuff. P.S. I started crying at the end because I wanted to learn more about the parents.


Melissa said...

C -- my 8 year old -- says, "We're in the 3 book Problem Child. It's a very
good book. RED, it's a clue to the 3rd book.Have you finished the book? Have you met Puck? If you have met Puck hear this clue to book two Unusual Suspects: house, Puck. Hope you enjoy the other books!"

Corinne said...

C - thanks for your comment!!We did meet Puck, he made my kids laugh a LOT!

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